MetAlive® bioadhesion press- and publication happening at Finnish Dental Congress

  • MetAlive® bioadhesion press- and publication happening at Finnish Dental Congress on Fri 21st of November 2014 2:00 pm at  Into Dental Innovations 1a8. Welcome to listen to MetAlive® bioadhesion international dental penetrations 2015. Refreshments available.

  • MetAlive® bioadhesion lecture given by Ass.Prof Ilkka Kangasniemi at Fri 21st of Nov  09:00 am
  • The congress consists of lectures, exhibition, poster exhibition and evening events. The lecture sessions are on Thursday 9.00-16.00, Friday 9.00-16.00 and Saturday 9.15-14.30. The exhibition is open Thursday 8.30-17.00, Friday 8.30-17.00 and Saturday 10.00-14.30. Finland’s biggest event for dentistry professionals.