MetAlive® is nanoporous Titaniumoxide material. TiO2 as a material is very durable, non-dissolving and chemically stable in the body.

MetAlive® nanosurface is only 200-400 nanometers thick which makes it very flexible under substrate bending. For example MetAlive on a wire can be tied without damaging the surface. Being very thin, MetAlive® does not withstand scratching or grinding. If the substrate is damaged using e.g. a dental burr the surface will be lost.

MetAlive® has been developed for use on Titanium, its alloys and Zirconium materials. MetAlive® is produced using a sol-gel process involving elevated temperatures. Thus only inorganic temperature resistant materials are applicable.


afm kuva1 afm kuva2
   Atomic force microscopy (AFM)
   Nanoporous surface 500 nm
       Structure profile


Biologically, MetAlive® works thanks to its precisely controlled nanoporosity. Pores below 50 nm in size provide binding sites to proteins in the body fluids. The cells seem to recognise such surfaces as a living substance rather than a foreign body. Protein mediated adhesion creates a perfect substrate for the cells to grow on.

pull out work Attachment on rat soft tissue
Gingival attachment appears as refreshed wound